Angel EFT Energy Upgrade

Raise your vibration and energy levels with Angel EFT

Tuesday 18th of July at 6 pm for approx. one hour

Energy Exchange = €11.11 price includes recording

When we use Angel EFT, we are engaging the angelic realm while we clear our energy fields by tapping on energy meridian endpoints. Join me for this hour of enlightening inspiration with the angels.

In this workshop:

  • Connect with your angelic team and learn ways to work with them now.
  • Check in with how you are doing now, tapping into your own innate wisdom with the help of the angels to surpass blocks and feel great.
  • Enjoy lots of Angel EFT to transmute lower energies and help you to anchor the higher vibrational states.
  • Enjoy an energy-clearing angel visualisation to clear the aura and chakras of debris, helping you to align with your highest vibration.

Feedback from previous workshops with Susan

“Thank you so much Susan for tonight, I’m so excited.”