Angel EFT for Achieving Goals

Exciting New Angel Workshop – Sunday 15th of January 2017, The Rose Hotel Tralee


Angel EFT for Achieving Goals
  • Do you know what you want to achieve but struggle to get there?
  • Does willpower, or lack of self-belief let you down?
  • Do you love working with the angels and want them to get on board in helping you to achieve your goals?
  • Do you sometimes doubt your deservingness to have what you truly desire?

The Angel EFT for Achieving Goals Workshop shows you how to:

  • Use Energy EFT with the angelic realm with very powerful techniques that break through blocks and attract more light, angelic assistance, fulfilment and guidance into your life.
  • Set and reach targets that are aligned with your higher purpose in this abundant universe, with the help of the angels.
  • Get clear about what your goals are when you are feeling unsure.
  • Tap with the angels to manage all sorts of energy body stress that has been holding you back.
  • Use angel visualisations and affirmations with Energy EFT so you can experience the energy you desire, such as motivation, commitment, focus and so on.


Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

“Susan has a welcoming, powerful calming energy and provides and shows us the tools and techniques and helps us to connect to the angels’ energy. She has a lovely earthy, grounded way of helping you see anything you want is achievable.”                                                                                        -Breeda Hughes, Killarney

“The energy off everyone was amazing, I loved opening up my mind to higher energy fields.”                                                                                  – Angel EFT workshop attendee, 2016

“The workshop had a calm flow, not rushed. Everyone was heard. It was clear and concise for a newcomer to EFT. Has me wanting to do and know more. I left with a grounded feeling, and more at peace with the notion of resolutions which EFT can bring into my life. I even found it helped expand my vocabulary with words I’d rarely use in my thoughts, such as joy, harmony, and light.”                 – Angel EFT workshop attendee, 2016

Videomonial from EFT Trainer, Helen Ryle who attended a previous Angel EFT workshop: