7 Ways to Energy Mastery

7 Ways to Energy Mastery

The way to feel good most of the time could be said to be down to managing your energy. Here, I outline some of the most fundamental topics within this and my favourite techniques for energy mastery. 

1. Boundaries and Understanding Energy Defense Systems

Having good boundaries with your energy is a great lesson for many of us. Many spiritually minded people like to give of themselves and their energy. And sometimes to the point of their own detriment. Others seek out this kindness, and some people pull, and pull, and take as much energy as they can to try to top themselves up. This doesn’t work for any length of time of course. Because you cannot top up your own energy successfully by pulling from another which is a false economy. We need to learn to top up our own energy from the unending benevolent Source (see topping up and invoking support). 

Energy Awareness Leads to Good Boundaries

I remember years ago first seeing some of the diagrams in the amazing book Hands of Light by the world-renowned spiritual healer and teacher Barbara Ann Brennan (1939-2022) and feeling excited that someone had made illustrations of things I instinctively knew. It helped me massively at this time as some of the other illustrations of the energy fields matched what I was seeing at the time in my reiki practice.

It is natural for us all to be energy aware and not for the special few. It’s just that it’s not taught in school nor spoken about in many families. It can help to think of it as remembering, rather than starting afresh as you know it instinctively. Below I have attempted to draw some of the presentations mentioned in Hands of Light, and my understanding of them but I highly recommend getting the book to explore these fully. 

Some examples of energy defense presentations:

human figures with auras and energy arrows

We all use energy defense techniques. The above five are only a few of what’s possible. In Hands of Light, fourteen are mentioned. The ones I’ve not included are withdrawal; beside himself; verbal denial; hook; mental grasp; combination; hysteria; boundary containment and power-will display. 

Verbal arrows could be someone using harsh words or else speaking in a manner designed to incite anger from the other person.

Barbara Ann Brennan describes tentacles as: “oozing, slippery, silent and heavy. They reach for your solar plexus in an effort to capture your essence … he is caught in despair and loses touch with his own essence.” 

Oral sucking is designed to pull in the energy of the receiver while talking endlessly in a boring way that offers nothing to the other person yet making it hard for them to disengage and walk away. 

Spiny porcupine naturally keeps others at bay – ouch! 

The manipulative obvious brooding is very noisy in the energy sense and stands out in a room of people enjoying themselves, who then try to offer help. Each suggestion is gratefully but efficiently put down with an explanation as to why it won’t help, and they keep everyone busy inviting more suggestions. This can present equally in a one-to-one helper-client scenario. 


With kindness, reflect on what some of your own energy defense methods might be and those of the people around you. Know that we are all only learning, but that it’s useful to identify these patterns in ourselves and others so we can help ourselves on our healing journey, and so we can respond usefully to the defenses of others.

Feel free to sketch what you notice. Think about how you would like to respond to these when they arise in others. Think about how you might help yourself when you are in an energy defense mode. 

Being aware of energy defense patterns helps you to have good boundaries because you can see what is happening. You won’t fall into the trap of the brooder and keep offering suggestions when you know the game is to keep putting you down and requesting more of your energy. You’ll not allow any tentacles to lock onto you because you’ll know what they are doing, and either remove yourself from the situation or use appropriate shields and protection (see below). There’s no need to be afraid, just be aware. Similarly, with verbal arrows, you need not fall into the trap of becoming incensed with anger since you know that to do so is to be manipulated. 

2. Body Language and Posture

How we carry our bodies says a lot about us to those whom we encounter. From strangers to those we know well. Slouching, turning to the side, and poor eye contact are not assertive and can give a message of lacking confidence and easily bending to the will of others. 

ballerina on stage

Learn how to improve your posture using a mirror to see how you are standing. Or noticing your reflection in a window or such. One day, I was queuing, and I noticed myself on camera. I was able to see how I appear to others and make adjustments accordingly.


Ask yourself, ‘if I was confident, successful, and (insert qualities you value) how might I stand? How might I walk?’ Walk and stand like that now. Practise and keep it up to bring the energy of these qualities into your field. 

3. Flushing the Unwanted

You might sometimes get a sense that you have absorbed someone else’s toxic energy. Like someone has left an imprint on you somehow, and you want to get this out of your being right away. It’s not yours and it doesn’t feel good. It’s not just other people that can give us this feeling, but something we heard on the radio or saw on the TV.

I love the idea offered by Silvia Harmann of the Guild of Energists, that energy flows in through, and out, and there’s no reason to be afraid or intimidated. Just flow it out again. The illustration below doesn’t account for where the energy comes from – indeed it shows it coming through the crown, which is usually a loving Source energy rather than a toxic something that might ‘get in’ anywhere. But the principle is the same, what goes in can be easily flowed out again. 

human outline energy flow


Pure sparkling white light flowing in through your higher chakras, in through your crown chakra purifying and flushing away any unwanted energies that are in any of the etheric bodies or the physical body now. Anything that isn’t serving you easily loosens and releases, flowing out of the hands, the feet, and the base chakra (or from wherever it needs to), all flowing into the earth below. Mother Earth can easily turn these energies into safe compost so have no worries about those energies doing any harm. They are instantly transmuted into light. 

4. Invoking Support

The angelic realm love to help us with our energy fields. This is one of their areas of expertise. By simply saying, angels, please support me, you have just opened the door to the angels stepping in helping you. They can’t help unless we ask because of free will. 

An invocation draws angels or supportive energies to you and takes just moments to do.

Powerful Invocations:

I invoke Archangel Michael to come to my side now. I am safe and held in his light. It Is Done.

I now invoke the Christ Light for my total protection (x3). And So It Is.

I invoke Archangel Uriel to fill my solar plexus with golden rainbow light and beaming confidence. I now shine like the sun. Thank you. 

I call forward the mighty gold, silver and violet flame now to completely cleanse my energy systems and the space I am in. It Is Done. 


5. Shields, Cords, Cloaks, and the Merkabah

It’s nice to feel that you can instantly protect yourself if you are in a situation where energies feel harsh or somehow threatening. You can ask Archangel Michael for his mighty golden shield to protect you, or for him to cut cords (see my free visualisation), to place his deep blue cloak of light around you, or a deep blue orb of light for your instant protection.

You may also ask for a mirror shield to be installed if you felt someone was sending you that less than light. This has the effect of helping the person to also see what they are doing – sometimes it’s quite unconscious and they can’t learn the lesson unless they see. I like to also send people soft pink light of Archangel Chamuel and Rose quartz. If we are shielding ourselves all the time, we live as though we are in battle. And if we walk through life as though we are in battle, we tend to attract combat.

Everyone is just doing their best, given the skills and the level of consciousness they are at so even if you’ve been feeling under attack, using discernment, send out love or request and angel bring them love or whatever they need. Then release and detach with kindness. Focus on what you love. What you are grateful for. What you are creating. These things are the most worth of your attention. 

Archangel Metatron will place his golden cloak of enlightenment around you if you ask for it. He will also place his sacred geometric shape (Metatron’s Cube) over your front door to raise the energy of those stepping in or out of the doorway. 

To visualise yourself held within your Merkabah is a beautiful way to protect your energy. 

meditation figure in Merkabah shape in space

Activating Your Merkabah 

  1. Relax into your chair with feet flat on the floor. Ask for Archangel Michael’s total protection of your energy and the space you are in. 
  2. Visualise a pyramid (tetrahedron) of light coming up from the earth below and holding you inside. This is the male pyramid. You may see it as pure white light in colour, or else it may have many colours. It is yours, just right for you and you are held in it’s loving space. 
  3. Now visualise that a beautiful, female sparkling inverted pyramid (pointing downwards) is coming from Source and holding you, merging with the other tetrahedron forming your Merkabah. 
  4. You are held within your Merkabah. The male begins to spin left to right, and the female spins right to left. Feel the whooshing sensation as your energies are completely purified and your light is expanded. You are loved and held, and your light is very bright. 
  5. Ask the Merkabah to stay with you as long as needed or ask that it stay indefinitely according to your highest good. 


6. Fine Tuning the Vehicle

What you eat and how you move your body will affect your energy. Continually putting lower-frequency foods like junk food into the body will leave you feeling drained. High-frequency, organic, homegrown produce will lift you and fill your cells with joy. 

If you sit for long periods during the day, make sure you get up and stretch and move around. Even if you are unwell and can’t move around much, try to find a way to stretch and move that feels okay to your body can make a big difference. 

I don’t remember the exact words of movement therapist Ken Eyerman in Skyros last year at his wonderful class, but what I understood is that if he suffers pain he comes down to the mat, and there he can speak with the body and move in such a way as to heal it. I thought this was genius. So simple yet profound. The body wants to tell us how to feel better, if we’ll learn to listen. 

“Angels, help me to listen to what my body needs today. Thank you.” 

7. Ascension Techniques for Ultimate Light Quotient

This section really deserves a blog of its own, indeed, a book (or five) of its own. But I’m going to share some of my favourite ways to build your light quotient. This is another way of managing your energy. In fact, it surpasses all the worry about being around challenging energies and people, because when you raise your light quotient you tend not to attract these challenges anymore. It is life-changing. 

Working with the 12 Fifth Dimensional Chakras was one of my most memorable, life-changing practises that made things so much better. I cover this in many of my visualisations and classes. By learning about these chakras you will be able to visualise them and work with them easily and learn the lessons they offer. 

The Monad and the soul mantras are by far some of the most powerful practises you can use also. Please see my blog, I Am The Monad for more details. 

Having a daily meditation practise is a kindness you can afford yourself to greatly enrich your spiritual path and raise your light levels, in whatever way you resonate with best.

Chanting is also incredibly powerful, and a wonderful addition to your meditation routine. I like to use a mala I bought in India, and say the mantra 108 times using the beads as reminders moving the fingers along the mala. 

cosmic elephant ganesha

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha = Om Salutations and Prostrations to Lord Ganesha to break through obstacles, free you troubles, purify body, mind and soul.

Om Mani Padme Hum = Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus. The Dalai Lama tells us that Om Mani Padme Hum means that on the path of, with intention and wisdom, we can achieve the pure body, speech and mind of a Buddha.

A Final Note

I help people to manage their energy and heal from unhelpful patterns and I love doing this. It is my passion. In my book, Angel EFT I offer many additional energy techniques. Please reach out if you would like to work with me or if you have any questions. Love Susan. 


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