7 Top Tips for Healing the Body

7 Top Tips for Healing the Body

Tapping into the wisdom of the Angelic Realms

I want to share what I learned about healing my own body because I think it can help others. Many lightworkers aren’t as tuned in to the body as they might like to be, and yet the body can teach us so much. Sometimes it takes ill health or ailment to bring things into focus. 

1 Ask ‘what do I need to know?’

When I first hurt my knee so badly last year that I couldn’t walk, I asked, what is this about? Why am I experiencing this, and what do I need to know? The very first message that came in was about food and what I put into my body. Not so much as a criticism, rather I was shown the energy of the good choices and what healing this brings the body.

In the past couple of years I have started to grow my own food. The angels told me that eating homegrown food, locally grown, but especially chemical-free food has a huge positive impact on the body. More than we can imagine. And local because the carbon footprint of foods that come from far away lower their vibrational frequency. When we eat processed junk it doesn’t support the body. But we all know this already.

You can ask in your meditation time or just in your head, wherever you are. Be open to receiving the answer. As images, ideas. Answers might come right away or as signs later on. Asking is opening the door to an answer.

2 Tap into Your Own Wisdom

We often have the answers already, but we’ve covered them up with a big story. What do you know already about your physical health that can help you now?

I enjoyed doing a brainstorm map. On an A4 sheet I wrote in the centre, ‘my healthy knee,’ and around it I wrote down everything that came into my head about what can help my knee. As I went on, I learned more and added more. 

3 Call in the Team

You have an angelic team who are waiting to work with you, if you ask them. You draw angels to you when you call on them. If you’re not sure how to call them, use this template or write your own prayer to say every day:

Archangel Michael, please cut any cords from me now that have been draining my energy. Surround me in your healing, protective deep blue light.

Fire dragons, please burn up any lower energies that are in my body and energy fields so I can instead feel fired up and enthusiastic in my life.

Unicorns please fill me with your pearlescent light so that I can feel joy and filled with healing energy.

Archangel Raphael surround me in your emerald healing light. Infuse my body and soul.

Join me in my workshop, ‘Healing the Body with the Angelic Realms,’ to enjoy powerful visualisations and exercises to connect with your team and help heal the body. 

4 Make Friends with Your Body

Many of us are critical of our body. How do you respond when someone is critical towards you, though? How do you respond when someone is loving and appreciative of you? If you think you’ve been critical, now could be the best time to work on this relationship. I love listening to Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Power,’ to help with any issues such as this. When my thoughts are less than love and I want to boost them up. Talk to your body the way you’d talk to a dear friend.

Don’t say unkind things about your body to your friends, either. If this is a habit, even joking about being heavy or unfit (or any other unkind adjective) think of things to say instead and break this habit. Your body is listening!!  

5 Be Open and Learn about Ways to Heal

I travelled to Glastonbury, England last year with my knee still injured but getting better and I was drawn to buy some crystals. I’ve loved crystals all my life and recognise that they have healing properties. I went into a very beautiful crystal shop there and I was asked if I needed any help. ‘Yes, please,’ I said, and I explained what I was wanting the crystals for. The assistants were so helpful, they went off to find the crystals that are associated with healing the joints, and they also told me to try Reishi and Chaga (mushroom) supplements which I found after I got home and began taking.

I took the crystals to the Chalice Well and asked them to work with me to help heal my knee, and for a time I kept them in my pocket or close to my body. Then I placed them on my meditation table, asking them to work with me remotely. I have found learning about ways to heal being like pieces of a jigsaw. There hasn’t been just one thing. It’s been many things, changes and such that have all worked together.

One day, I was feeling at the end of my tether and I said, ‘angels, I need something now. Please show me how to heal my knee.’ Later that morning a healer walked into my life –  knocked on my door in fact – and showed me what I needed to know next. As he spoke a series of rainbows appeared behind him, one after the other. 

6 Mark your Words: Finding the Balance

What we say is what we’re creating. If you are sick and you talk about yourself being sick, your words aren’t supporting your recovery. However, when you’re sick and feeling terrible, know when it’s good to say so and reach out. Saying ‘I need help,’ is what some people have trouble doing and when we can never say when we’re suffering this can become what’s known as toxic positivity. This is equally the case when one person encourages another to stop talking about their problems and “be positive.” Doing this to yourself is just as unhelpful. 

So how do we know where to draw the line? Honour yourself and your feelings no matter where you’re at. Denying or trying to ignore and gloss over is disempowering. Reach out and ask for support when you know you need it. Phone a friend. Say when you’re at your wits end. But also reach for ways to pull yourself out of it as quickly as you can. Ask the question, what’s one thing I can do in this next hour that will help me? You will always know the answer. 

Be grateful for your health, for things that are going well in the body, and for your full recovery that is in process. Here are some things you could say, or write your own and get used to saying them: 

“I’m so grateful for my body and the full recovery that is happening right now.”

“Archangel Raphael is filling my body with light and I can feel the healing happening as I speak.”

“I love the way my body has the perfect solution and is working to correct it.”

“I am strong and full of bright, vibrant energy.”

“I am grateful for perfect health.”

If you need to take medicines or drugs ask the angels to cleanse them before you take them and fill them up with light. If you need to go for surgery, ask the angels to work through the staff and orchestrate the perfect healthcare experience for your highest good. It’s helpful to have faith that when things don’t seem to go well, this may be a test for your learning or part of your soul contract. We agree to take on certain learning experiences before we incarnate, and here on earth we have forgotten what those are. 

7 The Solution Lies Within 

I like to support myself as much as possible when I’m ill, rather than relying on a drug or such. Yet I’m hugely grateful to the medical profession and all the help they’ve given me throughout my life, and my loved ones. Without them I would be dead. I had a near-death experience soon after turning 21, severely breaking both femurs and patellas after falling a height of over ten metres. While I was in theatre having complex emergency surgery, the body suddenly got overwhelmed and I went into renal failure. Medical staff thought I would die, but I made a turnaround, and here I am today to tell the story.

The scars that are still on my legs make me smile. To me they are a language that reads to me how amazing my body is to heal. How lucky I am to walk, to run, to do all the things I love to do. How fortunate I am to have life. Now years later, those bones and joints need my help to stay healthy and limber. I like to look inside and see what I’ve got to contribute to my good health. 

I wish you the very best and brightest of health and wisdom. If I can help you on a one to one basis, please visit the work with me page.

Love and blessings,



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