30 Days to Magnificent Abundance FREE Sample

In each week of this course you get 7 audio recordings, a workbook, an angel visualisation and instructional videos as well as other bonus materials.

Here are your free samples…. I have included Module One’s introductory video and workbook, module one’s abundance angel visualisation, two Angel EFT recordings from module one and two from module two:

Week One Introductory Video

Angel visualisation from week one, module one:


Module One Workbook

What is Abundance to Me?


The Language of Abundance


Fear of My Abundance Upsetting Someone


Asking for Money Isn’t Spiritual

Who does this course help?

  • Do you want more abundance in your life?
  • Feel blocked, know the angels are there to help but not always sure how to connect with them?
  • Feel that you somehow hold yourself back and wish you could move forward?
  • Want to learn a daily routine with the angels that fits into your life and increases your abundance?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then ’30 Days to Magnificent Abundance’ online course can bring you the help you are looking for!!

Each week you get access to the next module so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
What’s Included:

A one-off registration payment gets you:

  • 4 inspirational angel abundance modules available to you over four weeks
  • Inspiring video for each module including how to do EFT for the first module
  • Workbook for each module easy to print, with how-to do EFT in the first module
  • A big range of Angel EFT downloadable audios to tap along to in your own time
  • Energy boosting, soothing and abundance focusing angel visualisation each week
What you will learn:
  • How to get really clear on what abundance means to you and what you want to manifest
  • How to connect with the angels of abundance and open up to their guidance and help
  • How to make and utilise effective angel abundance affirmations
  • How to make a vision board and super charge it with angel energy
  • How to open up to your gifts and talents
  • How to overcome abundance blocks and really get into an abundance mindset
  • How to clear your energy with the angels and EFT
  • How to work with the chakras to streamline your energy to attracting what you want
  • Which Archangels to call upon to assist your abundance work and in what way
  • Ways to anchor the vibration of abundance
  • How to use Angel EFT to help declutter your life to allow abundance in

and lots more!!!

How Does it Work?

The content is released one week at a time over four weeks. You get to download and keep all of the audios, visualisations and workbooks … forever!!! You can save these onto your tablet/phone/laptop/PC to use at a time that suits you. All of the tapping audios are kept to between five and ten minutes so you can fit them into your busy schedule and don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s recommended to do some Angel EFT every day during the 30 days, and I hope you will keep it up afterwards too for long lasting change!! Each recording covers a topic and ends with some Angel EFT tapping. You also have a beautiful soothing guided angel visualisation (four in total) which you can listen to in the morning, or to take some time out for you during the day or else last thing at night. The workbook is best used when you can print each one off (a new one each week) and write down what you learn and new ideas you get. Reading it will also complement what you learn in the videos and audios. This course is a journey, and you are likely to gain lots of personal insights and ah-ha moments. If you have questions along the way, you can get in touch with me at susan@lightlifelearning.com I’d be delighted to hear from you.

So, are you ready to work with the angels and experience more abundance in your life consistently and with confidence?…
What’s the investment?
€159.99 one off payment
Or 3 monthly instalments of €55 


*****Legal Disclaimer:  This programme is intended to teach the participant how to use Angel EFT and how to connect with the angelic realm, specifically to raise their experiences of abundance in their life. It is advisable, as with any personal development courses, that if you have any doubt as to the suitability of this course for you that you check it with your doctor first. Whilst EFT has produced phenomenal results, it is still considered investigational, and is still in the experimental stage, as is Angel EFT. Therefore persons using this programme must take full responsibility for their use of it. Every effort has been made to accurately represent my workshops and programmes and their potential.  Each individual’s success also depends on his or her commitment, desire, and consistency.***