Focus Lightworker Session

Focus, Lightworker Session

70-minute phone or Skype call with Susan to get super-clear

Do you want to get clear and motivated? Would you love to gain a sense of groundedness and excitement about life?

Susan will inspire you to move positively forward.

Does this Sound like You?

– Do you have a sense that you are a Lightworker?
– Do you lack clarity as to your purpose?
– Do you need help with achieving a goal or dream that you have?
– Are you struggling to try to move forward with something? Good at starting but not so good at completing things?
– Do you need someone to motivate you and help you to uncover your next steps?
Get focused and excited about your purpose!! Get your ‘Focus, Lightworker’ session with Susan.
Price = €111 for 70-minute call. Contact to book now or ask a question about this.
Not sure what a Lightworker is or whether you are one? Read the blog
There is also a free 20-minute ‘Focus, Lightworker’ call available right now for those who avail of the limited edition presale tickets to ‘Shine, Lightworker’ click here for more info

“Speaking with Susan one-to-one for 20 minutes plus was extremely helpful to me on the day in question. She is naturally empathetic and an acute listener, but not in the manner of a therapist  This struck me as spiritual work which is essential. The idea of bringing light and courage into my own life was made more possible by simply sharing this bit of time in her company. It is easy to have the light within all of us dulled by all kinds of things, and the visualisations she offers are very very helpful in opening a way forward. I’m looking forward to the day next January in Dublin City West hotel when I can hopefully discover more. We know so much and yet understand so little. What can be discovered seems essential and my hope is that this journey can help me learn how to discard what I don’t need, and move towards what I do.” – Mary