Lightworkers Q & A

Lightworkers Q & A

Author: Susan Browne

Lightworkers, quite simply, are people who want to bring more light into the world. There is no specific occupation for a lightworker. Although many are healers or work in the helping professions. Lightworkers are also actors, comedians, politicians, domestic staff, authors, sportspeople, business people, stay-at-home mums and dads and so on.

Do all Lightworkers Know they are Lightworkers?

No. Some lightworkers are still asleep and have not awakened to their mission on Earth. This is because of the amnesia we all suffer as humans in our early life. We come onto the planet knowing all about our mission and purpose. And then we forget. Lightworkers are no different. Some may act very unlike Lightworkers too. Yet there is a tendency for light to attract light. Lightworkers may go through dark phases of their life but tend ultimately to gravitate towards other lightworkers and lessons that put them back on track.

Does being a Lightworker mean that you are a do-gooder all of the time?

No. Lightworkers in a human body still have ego’s and can be stuck in fear just like anyone else. This means that they can act in low vibrational ways just like any human. The difference is their soul purpose is to bring the light. And when they remember this they act on it.

How do they bring in the light?

There are thousands of ways of bringing in the light. One can pray, meditate, make other people laugh, show love and compassion to others, heal others, show kindness, donate time or money to worthy causes that bring light. Some lightworkers light up a room when they enter, like rays of sunshine. These are lightworkers that are operating at a high vibrational frequency. Most lightworkers, like all humans, vary in their vibrational frequency. They too have many soul lessons they came to Earth to learn and evolve from.

How do I know if I am a Lightworker?

The very fact that you are drawn to this blog means that you may be a lightworker. Often Lightworkers hear the term and it means something to them. Some may question, well how can I be a lightworker if I feel or act this way (in a lower frequency way). The truth is, human lightworkers are human. They make mistakes too. Some even deliberately lower their frequency because they feel lonely and isolated and want to fit in. More about that in my next blog in this series.

Common Lightworker Traits:

  • A feeling of joy in lighting up and helping others
  • A general wish for the best for others (but not exclusively, Lightworkers can get annoyed and resentful to others as well when their frequency is lowered)
  • An interest or hope for world peace and good care of the Earth
  • Sensitive nature and dislike of harsh energies and negativity
  • A sense of injustice when things are unfair for others
  • A love of animals and nature
  • Spiritual
  • Likes quiet time
  • Interested in angels/meditation/Ascended Masters and spirituality
  • Sensitive to the emotions of others
  • Psychic or intuitive in nature

Can Anyone Become a Lightworker?

Yes. Some Lightworkers have been so for eons but some are new. I had a past life regression when I recalled becoming a Lightworker. It was just after crossing over having been killed as a warrior in battle. I said out loud ‘I will now become a warrior of the Light.’ And so it was.


This blog is #1 in a series of 3.

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The ABC of getting Support from your Angels

The ABC of Getting Support from your Angels

I have enjoyed support from the angelic realms now since 2007, and before that as a child when I was open to angels. They have this amazing way of being able to help us, it’s often hard to predict how but they can see things from a birds angels eye view whereas we can be caught up in the earthly drama of humans.

A is for Ask. Many people believe in angels and like angels but forget to do that one important thing when they need it – ask! Say in your head or out loud, ‘angels please help me with this,’ write a letter to them if you must. Some people like to light a candle and sit at an altar to ask, or others do it while they wait at the traffic lights in the car. It really doesn’t matter; the angels don’t mind.

Is it greedy to ask the angels all the time? Surely, they have more important business than me and my requests?!

If you could only realise just how many angels there are available to everyone and how they just love to help. Asking the angels also helps to raise your vibrational frequency – see the Vibration Scale for more info on this. Getting a parking space, your craving healthy foods, finding the perfect job, a more peaceful relationship and so on are ALL good enough reasons to enlist the help of the angels. This is because as you feel better, so you are able to bring more light into the world.

B is for Be Open. Sometimes when we are stressed we think very narrowly, in a black and white all-or-nothing kind of way. Be amenable to other options and outcomes. Sometimes we are being blocked for a very good reason. Asking the angels and then being open will help you to see what is being laid out for you.

Also, it can be hard when you are feeling stressed out to even think there might be any angels at all. This won’t stop them from being able to help you by the way, but wouldn’t it be nicer to recognise when the angels have stepped in so you can know that it really worked?

C is for Calm. A man I knew always asked me why when he asked repeatedly for an angel sign he never seemed to get one. It was as though the angels couldn’t possibly have time for him, or else he wasn’t ‘psychic enough’ or so on, to pick up on it. Ask and then allow yourself to feel calm about getting the help from the angels.

Check also how you are breathing. Breathing in shallow sips, high up in the chest is how we breathe when we are not calm, and in turn this makes us feel worse. Slow your breathing down, consider pranayama (yogic breathing) and try to keep how you are breathing in mind as often as possible. You will be more receptive this way – and feel better.

Join me with some Angel EFT in this video


About the author: Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT’ Dragonrising (2016), helps people to feel great in their energy, overcome blocks and achieve goals. She teaches workshops worldwide and sees clients via Skype.

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Angels Help You Sleep

Angels Help You Sleep

Is there an angel or archangel that helps with sleep? Yes! In fact, there are many. You can ask the angels of sleep to help you to get a good night’s sleep.

What I notice about those who wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep is that they often need to raise their frequency. Not necessarily in general, but in that moment of being awake in the night. If you find yourself awake and fearful in the night, in the negatives of the SUE scale (see below), you will find it hard to relax. Some people find that their mind starts to wander, thinking about life’s challenges but in a really negative and fearful way. Ever woken up hours later and wondered what you were so worried about?

An earth angel advised me one day that when I wake in the night I should ask Archangel Michael to protect and strengthen my aura, and I began to do this and I felt much better. When we sleep we visit the astral planes, sometimes the higher and sometimes the lower. Lightworkers visit the lower planes in service to help those in need, and they can wake feeling fearful because the energy of the place they visited was dark or heavy. You can ask the angels to clear any heaviness around you and replenish good energy.

Interestingly, sometimes needing less sleep is seen in those who are increasing their vibrational frequency. You will know if this is the case, as you will feel very good, and not likely to be fretting about being unable to sleep.

If you really can’t sleep, take a curious approach as to why. If you are not tired, even if you have to get some sleep because its late or you have to get up early, consider getting up for a short time. Read something that isn’t very interesting. If you are turning things over in your mind that you need to sort out, take out a pen and paper and write down what’s on your mind. This is a powerful way of helping your mind to get a sense of order, thus relaxing you.

I have created an Angel EFT video to help, and this time we look at the seven major chakras, asking the Archangels to clear them and invite in peace and relaxation too. It’s well worth having even a basic understanding of the chakras. Learning to balance them really enhanced my own spiritual and personal growth, and helped me to handle my energy better. In my book ‘Angel EFT’ (available from Amazon) I teach about the seven major chakras and also the twelve, fifth dimensional chakras, for more advanced chakra work with the Archangels.

Watch this Video on YouTube

Five Tips to help you sleep:

          Make sure your bedroom is a zen experience: clean up clutter and mess, remove any electronic devices including your phone. If you use your phone for an alarm consider putting it on flight mode or even better get an old-fashioned alarm clock instead. Ask the angels to bless the room with their light, removing any negative energy and bringing in the energy of peace and wellbeing.

          Tidy up odds and ends during the day, and anything you can’t get done, write it down on a piece of paper or in your diary so that your brain doesn’t have to keep fretting about it. Ask the angels to help you in your daily tasks.

          Exercise, but early in the day, just before bed is not conducive to sleep. The angels will help you to feel motivated if you ask.

          Just before bed, write down ten things you are grateful for about the day. Finish with ‘thank you, angels.’ This raises your frequency and puts you in a more relaxed state going to bed.

          Ask the angels to help with anything that is worrying you – you need to ask for them to be able to help.


About the author: Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT’ Dragonrising (2016), helps people to feel great in their energy, overcome blocks and achieve goals. She teaches workshops worldwide and sees clients via Skype.

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Archangel Gabriel Life Purpose

Archangel Gabriel Life Purpose


Archangel Gabriel Life Purpose: Do you ever ask the question, what is my life purpose? What is my mission? What am I doing here? Archangel Gabriel can help light up the symbols in your aura, the energy field which surrounds your body, which guide you to your soul’s purpose.

Ask for clarity and guidance in seeing the doors which are now opening for you when you ask the angels this question. The angels are always whispering our divine blueprint to us and want to help guide us when we need this.

It’s important to ensure you raise your vibration so that you are not asking from a space of fear or desperation – which is what prompts people to ask sometimes. This is because when we are in a space of fear it is much harder for the angels to get the messages to us. The angels can help you to raise your vibration. If you need to, check in and see how your vibration is just now, look at the SUE scale below and see what number you feel you are at just now.

If you are in the minuses bring yourself up to the pluses before asking the question. Here are some of my videos which can help you to raise energy beforehand:

EFT for Attracting Positive Energy

EFT for Lightening Up

EFT for Raising your Mood

EFT for Releasing Negativity

Then, ask Archangel Gabriel first to bring a white column of light over you and to help you to release the clutter from your mind and invite clarity. Ask for the symbols within your aura relating to your life purpose be illuminated. Spend some time allowing the angels to do their work. Now ask that you receive signs and guidance as needed in relation to your question. Remember, the angels always want to help us, they are only waiting for us to ask.

Here is a video to help you using Angel EFT:

Be open for the rest of the day and week to signs and guidance. What does this mean? The angels have a unique way of getting their message across to you personally. It is always different to the way they connect with others, as it is just right for you. The angels let us know their messages through downloading information, which can feel like you suddenly have a bright idea and know what to do. This is always uplifting and positive. Also, synchronicity, or coincidences which are meaningful to you. You get it.

If you aren’t sure how the angels connect with you personally, simply be open. You have asked, so now be ready to receive. Wait with faith that your guidance is coming.

Susan Browne is the author of ‘Angel EFT, Tap Into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT’ DragonRising Publishing, 2016 Get in touch for more info.
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Spiritual Bliss and the Crown Chakra

Spiritual Bliss and the Crown Chakra
by Susan Browne


Spiritual Bliss and the Crown Chakra: Sahasrara is the Sanskrit name for the crown chakra, which radiates up from the top of your head towards the heavens, or Source. It is associated with the colours violet and white, and is known as the thousand petalled lotus. The crown chakra governs our spirituality.  The physical aspects of this chakra include the brain and many of the associated glands, and the eyes and nervous system.

The crown chakra is considered a gateway for the higher energies to flow through. When we meditate the crown chakra opens up naturally. I have found that by simply visualising light flowing down from above I find an instant connection with my crown chakra. Archangel Jophiel governs the crown chakra, and you can ask for assistance from him to help activate or balance this centre.

Tips for a healthy crown chakra:

  • Reduced phone and ‘device’ time
  • Getting out of your head and into your body – e.g. if you are overthinking, do some gardening or something physical outdoors, and do it mindfully, come out of auto-pilot
  • Meditate, or listen to a guided visualisation (click here for my free one)
  • Angel EFT, see the video
  • Crystals such as quartz, amethyst or other white and purple gemstones. Cleanse them by placing outside in the earth overnight, especially in moonlight. You can wear the crystals on jewellery or place them on or near the head, even under your pillow at night.
  • Asking the angels, especially Archangel Jophiel, to help keep the crown chakra healthy and balanced.


Place your feet flat on the floor and have your spine comfortably straight and shoulders relaxed. Visualise a violet, white light flowing down from above and forming round brush above your head, rather like a chimney sweep. Allow the brush to spin and gently move into the crown chakra space. The brush clears away any psychic debris and any lower energies that do not serve you. Cleansing and clearing the mind and the crown chakra.

Allow the brush to move down into the chakras below: third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and then base, clearing away any debris as it goes and allowing each chakra to spin in harmony with the one above it.

Now focus on your feet, and connect in with the small feet chakras, ensure that you are feeling grounded and supported by the earth. Then imagine that your auric field, the energy around you, is shrunk in towards the body to a level that is comfortable for you.

Open your eyes and have a stretch. Be aware of any insights you received from your crown or any other of the chakras.

There are seven major chakras at the basic or 3rd dimensional level. It is these seven, like the colours of the rainbow, that most people know. When I started out on phase two of my spiritual journey, I felt drawn to gather as much info as I could about the angels and the chakras. I learned so much from learning about the 7 major chakras. They are effectively like a map of our lives and how we are functioning.

  1. nb) I would never recommend just working with one chakra all the time. Each chakra is of equal importance. And for people who are spiritual, quite often you need to really learn how to balance the lower chakras first.

More about the Chakras including the 12 Higher Dimensional Chakras… It was later, when I became interested in ascension work that I became aware of the 12 fifth dimensional chakras. It was a good thing that it was later too. I was ready. In my book ‘Angel EFT, tap into the angelic realms with modern energy EFT’ I cover both the third and fifth dimensional chakras, and how to work with them with Angel EFT.

Attracting your Soulmate

Attracting your Soulmate

I was asked to do a video on attracting your soulmate with Angel EFT and it got me thinking. What is a soulmate? Is it someone you have met before, someone you are destined to meet, your perfect partner?
According to Doreen Virtue: ‘As we all do, you have many soul mates—beings with whom you share a mystical soul connection and life path. Soul mates incarnate with the plan of coming together for mutual spiritual and personal growth.’
‘A soul mate is a soul that is resonating at the same frequency as you are.’ – Deepak Chopra
So, for those who would like to attract a soul mate or ideal partner, first I would like you to get clear about what you mean by that? Are you looking for a romantic partner? If so, what are they like? What way would you like to feel around them?
Here are five exercises I created for those who would like to meet their soul mate…
Exercise One – close your eyes and visualise:
– How you feel when you are with this person
– What sort of experiences you would like to have with them
– Any qualities you would particularly like them to have
Exercise Two:
Get paper and pen/pencil/colours and write/draw the way you would love to feel when you are with your soul mate. If you wish to attract a loving and fun soul mate you must be able to be loving and fun yourself. I want you to think of yourself as capable of attracting that person, and creating a matching vibrational frequency.
The trick here is to step into the feeling as much as possible before you actually meet them. How would you behave if you were newly in love, for example? Perhaps you would treat yourself to a new outfit. Maybe you would do more random acts of kindness.
Writing and drawing is an extension of the first exercise, to make it more concrete. Remember, what you focus on and put energy into grows.
Exercise Three:
Listen to your self-talk around this so that you can start to weed out any unhelpful thoughts or beliefs. You may need help with this part, but start by being aware. Examples of negative self-talk which are not supporting your wish may include:
– I am not attractive, nobody would want me
– I always clam up when I meet men/women/people I find attractive
And so on
Exercise Four:
Now create some affirmations and write these down. These might be the very opposite of those unhelpful things you identified in exercise 3. Practise saying these regularly so that your unconscious mind starts to embrace them also, replacing any negative self-talk.
‘I am a loving and attractive person and fun to be with.’
‘My soul mate and I enjoy being out in nature and keeping fit.’
‘I love my body and take pride in it.’
‘The angels are guiding me to attracting my wonderful loving soul mate, and I support myself in this.’
Exercise Five:
Tap along with me using this video.

Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she provides internationally Angel EFT  Sessions and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan is the author of ‘Angel EFT, Tap Into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT’ DragonRising Publishing, 2016 and is also an Accredited Counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info.
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Karma Release with the Angels

Karma Release with the Angels

Karma Release with the Angels: Karma is the spiritual principle of cause and effect. It is said, that when we do something good, something good comes to us in return. Similarly, if we do something harmful or ignorant, that comes back to us also. When I talk about karma release in this blog, I am talking about the release of so-called ‘bad karma.’

So, what if we feel we have accrued ‘bad karma’ by doing less than good things in our life? Are we always waiting for the axe to fall? Well, I hope not. But for some people, they may worry that they carry karma and that this inhibits them from fully enjoying life. If this is the case, what can be done? Is it simply a waiting game?

The angels would love to help you to release burdens of karma from your being because the very belief that you are carrying it lowers your vibration. And the angels are all about helping us to raise our vibration, as this benefits everyone. The more people on Earth in a high vibrational state, the better for the planet and for everyone.

Where does bad karma come from?

Some people feel they carry bad karma because of things in their lives that they did and feel ashamed and guilty about, or things they didn’t do and feel they ought to have. That is the karma accrued in this lifetime.

Other types include family karma, country karma, and past life karma? Some people have a sense that they carry karmic burdens from their heritage and from other lives. This is much trickier as quite often we don’t know exactly what it is, where it came from but yet a sense that we carry it. Sensitive, caring and spiritual people experience this.

In my book ‘Angel EFT’ I included a chapter on healing ancestral patterns and past life experiences, as I have met so many people who experience this type of karma.

So, how can the angels help us to release karma? In the video below I invoke Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel (who works with St Germain and the powerful violet flame), Archangel Jeremiel (who helps with life review and compassion) and Archangel Metatron. You can invoke these or any of the angels, Archangels or Ascended Masters you wish to help you to release karma.

The angels want us to learn our spiritual lessons, which was the original idea of karma. But do not wish upon us the lingering and damaging energy of shame, guilt, embarrassment, fear and so on. This is not helpful to anyone. More so, that we act in a mindset of serving. That whatever it is we are doing today we do it with a sense of lightness, and in a way that helps others.

Ask the question: ‘how may I serve today?’ This doesn’t mean being some sort of slave who doesn’t experience any pleasure or fun. Quite the contrary. Serving is doing things to help others but in a higher frequency way that feels good to you. I often ask ‘how can I bring more light in here?’ And just by asking that, I naturally do, as the angels instantly get on board. It’s a lot of fun

This video looks at karma release generally. I recommend that if you are doing it you follow it up afterward with some rounds on specifics for you. And then perhaps finish with the video again if that feels right.

Remember: your releasing karma helps everyone!

Love Susan.

Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she provides internationally Angel EFT  Sessions and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan is the author of ‘Angel EFT, Tap Into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT’ DragonRising Publishing, 2016 and is also an Accredited Counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info.
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4 Ways to Bring More Light into Your Work


4 Ways to Bring More Light into Your Work


The workplace can be a dull, heavy place for some. And for others, it is an amazing, vibrant haven for wonderful things. How is it for you? If you could rate the lightness of your work place now from -10 (as awful as it can get) to +10 (as amazingly brilliant as it could possibly be) where would it score?


I have written this blog to help those who would like their workplace to feel a bit higher up on the SUE scale in terms of lightness. Even if you work part-time, it would be nice to feel good in the workplace. This benefits you and anyone you work with also. This in turn benefits you even more as they are easier to work with.

4 Things you Can Do:

  1. Be a positive influence. If you work with other people, see yourself as a light bearer (which no doubt you are, otherwise you would be unlikely to happen upon this blog). Ask yourself ‘how do I bring more light into this conversation/project/email/office?’ It’s not about being trodden on or tolerating stuff that you shouldn’t. It’s about accessing the light of your higher self as you work, no matter what it is that you are doing.
  2. See the highest potential in the workplace. Even if you are hoping to work somewhere more suited to you, try to see your current workplace at its highest potential. Staying focused on what is wrong and what it is you don’t like keeps your frequency down, and lessens your own light. Engaging in conversations about how bad work is only makes you feel worse and brings the light levels down even more. Look for the small things that you like or enjoy. Exaggerate them if you must. If you need to leave, work on the action steps you need to take also.
  3. Ask the angels to help – you can ask the angels to help in no matter what situation you are in and work is no exception. You don’t need candles or nice music either. No matter where you are (I have frequently asked angels to come into a meeting that feels like it’s going nowhere with great results) ask the angels in your mind for whatever you think could use their help. You can’t ask too much of them, and they love to help.
  4. Tap Angel EFT. I have provided a video here with Archangel Haniel to bring more light into the workplace. You can use this as a guide and use your own words if you wish. Angel EFT can help us with any situation, and can certainly be of benefit in the workplace.


Remember that the energy you bring into your workplace is important and influences others.

About the author: 
Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she provides internationally Angel EFT  Sessions and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan is the author of ‘Angel EFT, Tap Into the Angelic Realm with Modern Energy EFT’ DragonRising Publishing, 2016 and is also an Accredited Counsellor with the APCP. Get in touch for more info.
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Sending Angels of Peace

Sending Angels of Peace



Send Someone Angels of Peace: The angels of peace can enfold people and places in their miraculous, unconditional love. As humans, we take on too much worry and responsibility for others. But try telling a parent that! We feel that through our worry we are somehow staying vigilant for the person, when in fact, our worrying is not helpful.

Try to remember when you are worried to ask the angels to help someone or a situation. The most miraculous things can happen when we let go of worry and have faith. That is not to say that we become superhuman or simply blind to serious problems, but that we shift our approach to one which is more helpful.

Take the political news of the day, so many people worrying. ‘The world is gone crazy,’ they say. I don’t watch the news for this reason. It tends to be sensation-focused and fear based. Whether you watch it or not, there are so many angels supporting us just now, we could barely imagine it. If we engage them and ask for help they then have permission to intervene. That’s right, angels need us to ask them. They don’t just come careering in on our behalf. Although they can if it’s a life or death scenario. Under the law of free will we can do the best or worst of our potential ability in any given situation.

Call on the angels of peace for:

  • Worrying about someone you love
  • When you feel angry or irritated by someone
  • For world peace
  • For resolution of conflict
  • For more peace in your home/workplace/family/relationships/organisation
  • To help you or someone else sleep
  • To calm anxious or hurt animals
  • A serene garden
  • Productive meetings
  • Bullying victims and perpetrators
  • To energise your food so that you can digest it and use the nutrients better
  • And much more…

A prayer to the Angels of Peace:

Dear Angels of Peace,

Please go to this person (animal, place or situation) now. Enfold them in your loving energy.

Please help me to detach from drama or fear-based thoughts, actions and words so that I may offer the most light possible in this situation. I choose peace. I support myself in being open to the loving energy of peace in all areas of my life, and when I think of this person (animal, place or situation).

It is Done.

Thank you, Angels.

I hope you enjoy the Angel EFT video I have recorded for this blog. Tapping along while focusing on engaging the angels has a really positive effect on improving energy flow. And I find that through EFT the angels can connect even more easily. I am told this is because when we tap EFT it raises our frequency, which makes us easier to talk to for the angels, who operate on a really high frequency.


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Angel EFT and Energy EFT. Author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the angelic realms with Modern Energy EFT,’Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she internationally provides 1:1 Angel EFT, Energy EFT sessions, and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan trained with the Diana Cooper Foundation in Angels, Ascension and Lemurian Planetary Healing. Get in touch for more info.

Angels and Grounding

Angels and Grounding



The angels can help us with all things, including being healthy and grounded in ourselves. Sometimes when people open up spiritually they can experience ungrounding. If the kundalini energy rises fast, people can be knocked off centre.

That’s not to say that being ungrounded is exclusive to people who are spiritual. It can happen to anyone, and for many reasons.

Symptoms of being ungrounded

  • Being uncertain, finding it hard to stay focused.
  • Emotional outbursts.
  • Being easily influenced by the opinions of others.
  • Spacey, off in a dream world. Not keyed into what’s going on around you.
  • Can’t focus on what someone is saying, distractible.
  • ‘Jelly aura’ letting in other people’s energy in a way that affects your own integrity and sense of self. Open to entities.
  • At extreme levels of ungrounding people can become psychotic and/or experience mania.

The Archangels I called in for the Angel EFT video for grounding are Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron. Archangel Michael is protective and strong. He can place his blue protective cloak of light around us and cut cords of fear which drain us and pull our energy.

Archangel Metatron, the great Ascension angel uses a golden orange ascension cloak and helps us to ground ourselves in our spiritual human experience. Focus on the relevant symptoms, and ask for assistance with these.

Also in the video, we use the technique of visualising roots growing from the soles of your feet deep into the Earth. Making a connection with the Earth keeps us grounded.

I once asked Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi how we can help people to get grounded when they have experienced an overload of spiritual energy. She replied, lots of food and rest. Below I have put together a list of some of the many ways to facilitate grounding.

11 Ways to facilitate grounding

  • Ask the angels to help you to learn ways of grounding, there are ways that work best for you. Trust that they will guide you.
  • Put a tbsp. of Himalayan salt into your bath, light a candle dedicated to your grounding and relaxing and enjoy.
  • Stand outside on the earth, barefoot if you can.
  • Include root vegetables in your diet, and eat enough. Fasting or restricting when you are ungrounded can make things worse.
  • Grounding yoga poses such as child pose, mountain pose and tree pose.
  • Learn about balancing the chakras, pay attention to each but especially your sacral and root chakras.
  • Wear flat shoes.
  • Keep grounding crystals nearby, such as hematite, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline.
  • Make sure you are getting enough rest.
  • Unplug yourself from internet and devices – too much internet can make people ungrounded.
  • Angel EFT as shown in the video below.

Prayer to the angels for grounding:

Dear Angels,

Please help me to be grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Assist me in finding ways that suit me best, for my highest good, so that I may function at my best. Gently balance my chakras and energy centres, so that I am in harmony, and can follow my divine blueprint.

Thank you, angels.

It is done.


About the author: Susan Browne helps people to feel great in their energy and achieve their goals through Angel EFT and Energy EFT. She is a Guild of Energists Energy EFT Trainer, teaching in Co. Kerry & Galway, Ireland and she internationally provides 1:1 Angel EFT, Energy EFT sessions, and Success Mentoring via Skype. Susan trained with the Diana Cooper Foundation in Angels, Ascension and Lemurian Planetary Healing. Get in touch for more info.