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The Angels Help Us to Have a Positive Outlook

The Angels Help Us to Have a Positive Outlook

Research shows that having a positive outlook can help us to flourish in all areas of our life. When we are feeling positive, we see solutions rather than obstacles, possibilities rather than hopelessness. So how can the angels help us with this?

The angels want us all to fulfil our lives blueprint, to reach our full potential whilst here on this earth. They really would love us to have a more positive outlook on life, as this helps move us towards it. When I first started to get interested in angels as an adult, I naturally became more positive than I ever was before. But how? What was I doing?

I would ask the angels for guidance. I read books about angels, especially ones that taught me how to work with the angels myself – since anyone can. I meditated. I used angel cards. I learned about the chakras, and how the angels related to them. And later on, I formulated Angel EFT which for me was the cherry on the cake. Combining Energy Meridian Therapy with angel work was the ultimate go-to. Below I have created a video for you to help you to use Angel EFT for a more positive outlook.

Another very simple technique that has helped immeasurably in making me feel more positive is thinking of things I am grateful for. Writing them down is even more powerful than saying them. In some of my previous angel workshops, I gave out a small notebook to each participant, called an Angel Gratitude book. They could decorate it if they wished. Most importantly was to write down ten things every day that you feel grateful for.

What if you feel really down? If you feel very down, then it’s important that you get help. Feeling very negative a lot of the time might mean that you are depressed and need to see a doctor. You can still, however, work with gratitude and other positivity techniques if you are depressed. In fact, it is likely to hugely help your recovery.

What if you are around negative people all the time? This is a challenge for you and you may play a very important role in raising the vibration of the environment you live or work in. Some people are determined it seems to be negative in their outlook and you are responsible for yours and not theirs. Ask the angels to bring their light into that environment and to those people involved. They cannot change people as this breaks the law of free will, but they can bring in more light and this gives potential to other benefits.

Archangel Jophiel and the Crown Chakra Quick Visualisation:

Sit comfortably or stand with your feet hip distance apart. Feel your feet on the floor, connecting in with Earth’s energy below. Send gratitude down through the soles of your feet for Mother Earth.

Bring your awareness to your breath. Imagine that on the inbreath you are breathing in a golden light. On the outbreath, you also breathe out golden light, which fills up the spaces around you. Making you feel light and comfortable. Easy in your body.

Ask Archangel Michael to seal your aura, the energy field around your body, with his strong and safe blue light.

Now ask Archangel Jophiel to place a beautiful etheric crown of positivity on the top of your head. See this crown made up of the most beautiful crystals. The crystals shine and sparkle. They connect in with your thoughts, bringing them light. You feel your mind being filled with golden and crystal light now. Your thoughts are feeling more and more positive and you feel at ease in your body.

Wriggle your fingers and toes and bring yourself back into the room, remembering your layer of blue from Archangel Michael and the connection with Mother Earth.

Author: Susan Browne


Overcoming Writer’s Block with the Angels

Overcoming Writer’s Block with the Angels

Writers who work with angels are lucky, so long as they remember to ask for help when they need it. Whether or not what you write is spiritual or informative, you can ask the angels to step into your work and infuse it with love, light, excitement, romance or whatever it is you are writing about, so long as your intention is for the highest good.

When writers are blocked.. staring at a blank page or unfinished paragraph, unable to meet the targets they set themselves or were set by others, it’s pretty stressful. I have been there many times myself, which is why I now like to help others with this.

Five Tips:

Visualise your writing being infused with light by the angels

If it is in a document on your computer or notebook, see light flowing into that now. If you don’t have anything written yet, ask them to bring this light into your brain and fill the mind with clarity and inspiration. Ask the angels to assist you in working on this, dissolving blocks, lighting up grey areas so that you now see the next step.

Get it all out

Write down all your ideas, concerns and intentions on a large piece of paper. Now ask the angels to guide you as to what you need to do next. You can use Angel cards if you have them, just choose a card or cards with your intention in mind.

Cleanse Your Energy

In my book ‘Angel EFT’ in Chapter 5 Energy Hygiene I take you through a powerful visualisation to clear your aura. In my experience, sometimes writer’s block is related to not managing your energy or feeling clogged up in your aura. When you feel clear in your energy, the ideas can flow easily too.

Honour Your Intention

Are you crystal clear about what it is you want to create? If not, start by asking yourself the question, ‘how do I want to feel when I have finished this?’ Work your way back from there. The more you focus on this, the more energy grows there.

Ask the Angels for Ideas

Working with the light, you can ask what would benefit your readers the most and ask the angels to help you to access the best idea for your writing at this time. If you are writing a self-help book, ask the angels ‘what do people need right now? What does the world need?’ If you are writing fiction, ask ‘what stories want to be told by me right now? What story would light me up the most to tell and benefit the readers the most also?’ I cannot emphasise enough the importance of asking. Imagine you are in a great hallway with many doors. There are so many answers for you behind the doors. Are you going to stand in the hallway and complain because you have ideas or would you like to knock on a door and see if it opens? If it doesn’t simply go to the next. Keep asking, and you shall receive.

Angel Workshop for Writers

If you would like to join me in person for some help for your writing getting the angels on board, I am running ‘Angel EFT for Writers’ in Angel World, Sligo on Sunday 19th of November, 2017. If you are too far away, why not get in touch if you think there is an interest for this in your area?


Susan Browne


New Moon – Detach from Drama

New Moon – Detach from Drama

In the new moon, we focus on creation, the seeds we are sowing and what we are growing. It is a great time to set goals. But what if you are stuck in drama and fear? It’s important to move through these first so that you are a clear channel and are attracting the things you want. Rather than increasing fear around challenges you may be facing.

So how do we successfully detach from drama so that we can move forward with focusing on what we want to create?

Take a Birds Eye View

If you are experiencing fear and drama in your life at the moment, what would you say to a friend who was going through this? What would your wise words of advice be? Quite often we have all the answers and wisdom that we need already inside us. It is the fear that is stopping us from connecting with this wisdom. The fear has not deleted it. It’s still right there inside of you.

This is not to say don’t reach out for help and advice when you need it. Rather it is a friendly reminder that sometimes we already know the answer. And simplicity will often be the best way forward.

Increase your Joy

In this video I have created an Angel EFT round on increasing joy. For the new moon, or any time, think about first increasing joy. When you have raised your joy energy you are in a better space for manifesting that which you desire. And let’s face it, the very act of increasing joy can help us on our way with just about everything anyway.

In my January event in Dublin, ‘Shine, Lightworker,’ I will be sharing some exciting exercises for raising your vibration and really stepping into your true authentic self as a lightworker. When a group come together to connect with angels and to raise their vibration the energy and potential to heal and manifest is profound. Click here to find out more.

Keep it Simple

I love the expression ‘keep it simple, sweetheart,’ with the acronym KISS. For this new moon, think of keeping it simple. Remember to breathe. Focus on love over fear. Get outside even if it is raining. Oh, and did I remember to say… breathe! Well, I can say it again as so many of us forget. Place your hand on your abdomen if you like and push your hand out on the inbreath, to increase abdominal breathing. Just like a baby. Babies are better at it than us usually.


I nominate the crystal rose quartz for its healing abilities for the heart for this new moon. Heal away old stuff that has been holding you back. Invite in the new. Welcome happy change. If you don’t have a rose quartz crystal to use don’t worry, you can tune into the energy of the crystal. Watch the video above and enjoy receiving that energy. I have worked with crystals remotely with great success before.

About the author: Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT’ Dragonrising (2016), helps people to feel great in their energy, overcome blocks and achieve goals. She teaches workshops worldwide and sees clients via Skype.



The Chakras and Mental Health

The Chakras and Mental Health

The Chakras and Mental Health by Susan Browne

The angels will help with whatever we ask, and our psychological wellbeing is no exception. In this blog, we look at how each chakra relates to our mental health. Our chakras are energy centres in and around the body and provide a good map of how we are functioning on all levels.

Mental health challenges are not exclusive to those who are very ill. Low mood, anxiety, and stress are some of the more commonly felt symptoms by people at certain times of their life.

Grounding is a great place to begin in healing most mental health issues. This is because it involves upset of the mind and the thoughts. The energies are frequently imbalanced, top heavy with smaller shrunken lower chakras.

The base chakra is governed by Archangel Gabriel and is also connected with grounding, as well as safety, basic needs for survival and shelter, finances.

Affirm: All my earthy needs are blissfully met. I am a beloved child of this planet and I am grounded.’

Visualise: the soles of your feet connecting in with the energy of the earth.

The Sacral chakra, also governed by Archangel Gabriel can be out of sync if the person experiences a sense of shame. Shame is very toxic and is held here. Our creativity, sexuality, sociability and sense of sweetness in life thrive when this chakra is in alignment.

Affirm: I am blissfully accepted in all aspects of my being. I healthfully receive pleasure into my life. I embrace my creative self.

Visualise: A sunset orange light warming your sacral chakra, which is located below the navel.

The Solar Plexus is overseen by Archangel Uriel and is the centre of power, and where we hold fear and anxiety. Even the confident exterior of mania is infused with fear.

Affirm: I am lovingly strong and powerful.

Visualise: A golden sun radiating out from the solar plexus to heal the fear away and allow us to step into our power.

In my upcoming workshop in Dublin this January: Shine, Lightworker, we will be doing powerful exercises for overcoming all manner of blocks in the chakras so that you can thrive and really step into your light. Click here for more details.

Archangel Chamuel governs the heart chakra. Issues of grief and loss are held heavily in the heart. Ask the angels for heart healing.

Visualise: Archangel Chamuel filling your heart with a loving emerald and pink light. Take some deep breaths as you allow this healing light to settle into the heart.

Affirm: I am love and I easily give and receive love. There is an endless supply of love available to me.

The throat chakra is to do with speaking our truth. Archangel Michael can help us to do this.

Visualise: Archangel Michael placing a deep blue orb of light into the throat centre, allowing you to communicate effectively and confidently.

Affirm: I am confident in speaking my truth with love and integrity now.

The third eye chakra is traditionally seen as the psychic centre and is overseen by Archangel Raphael. We also create powerful images in our third eye when we envisage the future. Worrying about things in the future muddies up this chakra.

Visualise: Archangel Raphael pouring light into the third eye charka to clean and clear it so that it sparkles with light.

Affirm: I see through the eyes of the divine and I visualise happiness and success.

Archangel Jophiel helps us with our crown chakra. Here is our connection to the divine. Visualise yourself receiving light into the crown charka like a waterfall flowing down from Source. Invite this light to travel freely to all the others below it and around the body and energy bodies.

Affirm: I am lovingly connected to the divine at all times. The angels support me in every way.

Watch the video that pairs with this blog below:


About the author: Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT’ Dragonrising (2016), helps people to feel great in their energy, overcome blocks and achieve goals. She teaches workshops worldwide and sees clients via Skype.

Healthy Eating for Lightworkers

Healthy Eating for Lightworkers

Are you a Lightworker? If so, do you find yourself increasingly sensitive to certain foods? Many Lightworkers are not only drawn to pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diets but are finding themselves increasingly intolerant of other foods. Gluten, lactose and pesticides to name but a few. Why is this?

The Vibration of What We Eat

Our food has a vibrational frequency just like we do. If we eat lower vibrational foods this in turn lowers our vibration. Or because it is not a match it makes us feel out of sorts, bloated, lethargic or otherwise unwell.

Doreen Virtue outlines in her book ‘The Lightworkers Way,’ Hayhouse, 1997 how the fear animals experience when they are slaughtered is absorbed energetically into the meat product. Sensitive beings absorb that fear which then remains in the body even longer than it takes for the food to digest.

This is not a blog about becoming vegan by the way. Although those who are can probably testify to the benefits. Veganism is much easier nowadays as awareness and availability of healthy, balanced Vegan foods have increased. It’s also not about me the author preaching about how we ought to eat, as I can relate to most of the struggles I mention here. It’s about raising awareness. Awareness gives you more choices.

How is it Grown? How is it Packaged?

Eating fruit and veg covered in pesticides is not high vibrational, while much better than some of the alternatives. Many supermarkets sell their fruit and veg in plastic containers which take their toll on the environment. As a sensitive Lightworker, even though the fruit and vegetables are healthy sometimes the packaging affects the vibration if it has come from a disrespectful place for the planet.

Tip # 1: Seek out high-quality organic food that uses responsible packaging. If you do eat meat, eggs and dairy choose the most ethically treated that you can find.

Many Lightworkers do not eat healthy diets. Many overeat, which leaves them overweight and can lead to feeling unhappy in their body.

In my workshop ‘Shine, Lightworker’ in Dublin in January 2018, I will be helping Lightworkers to let go of unhealthy patterns including overeating. Click here to find out more.

The Grounding Effects of Food

Some believe that many Lightworkers overeat because food is very grounding. If you are very sensitive and spiritual and do not know how to ground yourself effectively you may turn to food to do this. Many spiritual people talk about the numbing effects of overeating and the way they use this as a coping strategy.

Tip # 2: Learn how to ground yourself effectively, see my blog here on how to do this. This will mean you are less likely to overeat to ground yourself as you won’t need to.

It’s not always easy to afford the healthiest, high vibrational foods. But all things considered, people often overuse this argument. It is expensive to overeat. Junk food, whilst often looks cheap at the supermarket all adds up. So do medical expenses of being overweight.

Tip # 3: Keep receipts this week of all you spend on food. Compare to healthy options and work out what costs what. Some vegan foods are extremely good value especially lentils and pulses.

This is an Angel EFT demo of how to draw upon the help of the angels in letting go of unhealthy food cravings.

Lightworker, are boundaries your downfall?

Lightworker, are boundaries your downfall?

Do you have trouble saying no? Do you find it hard to stand up for yourself if someone is out of order?

Exhausting isn’t it?

I want to talk about boundaries that make sense to lightworkers specifically and a way to help with this. Most Lightworkers are sensitive souls who care deeply and generously for others. But many also do this in such a way that they can end up feeling depleted at least, and at worst burned out.

If you answered yes to either of the two questions above it could be that you need to work on your boundaries.

Trouble saying No. Does this resonate with you. Something is asked of you and it would really put on you to do this. It doesn’t feel right to you, but you say ‘yes, sure,’ anyway.

A really useful tip I learned is to say simply ‘I’m not sure, can I come back to you soon about this? I need to check and see.’

This gives you time to weigh things up. And to think of how to say no if you don’t want to do this. There is no need to make up any excuses by the way. Don’t feel that you always need a reason to refuse someone. You can always just say ‘no sorry, can’t help with that,’ in a very respectful way.

If the other person is frequently pushy, then the less info you give them the better. The more you try to explain yourself the more you show you are trying to justify your decision. Scroll down to have a look at my Youtube video about saying no.

In my ‘Shine, Lightworker’ event this January in Dublin I’ll be sharing with you many more tips and techniques for self-care to help you to really thrive and step into your light. I hope you’ll join me, click here to book your spot.


Finding it hard to stand up for yourself if someone is out of order. If someone oversteps the mark do you find it difficult to confront them about it? This is another boundary infringement when people treat us this way and get away with it as we don’t stop it.

I always found this hard in the past. Maybe it was that my self-esteem was low and I didn’t think I deserved to stand up for myself. But there came a time when I no longer wanted to put up with being mistreated, and I began to find my voice.

Quick Tip: this can be a throat chakra issue when we can’t express what we need to say to someone who oversteps the mark. Ask Archangel Michael to step into your aura and infuse your throat chakra with light.

Quick invocation:

Archangel Michael, please help me now to express myself clearly. To know what to say to this person in order to stand up for myself. I choose to speak my truth with love and to be an advocate for myself and others with my words. Help me to release any fears that I may have been holding in my throat chakra now. Allow me to invoke your light-warrior energy when needed so that I can deal with this in the best way possible.

Thank you. It is done.

Click Here to Watch the Facebook Live

4 Back to School Tips for Lightworkers

4 Back to School Tips for Lightworkers

Lightworker blog series #3 by Susan Browne

I’m writing this at a time that many children are going back to school around the world, but really it is relevant any time for Lightworkers with children in their lives.

How can we help our children at school or in life generally?

  1. Cut any cords of fear or worry you have between you and this child. Sometimes we unconsciously project our own fears onto the child. If we had an upsetting experience at school, for example, it’s time to cut the cords and not to let this fear we are holding filter down the child. Ask Archangel Michael to lovingly cut any toxic energy exchange now with his mighty sword of light. This just cuts lower energy, and it allows more room for love. It’s a wonderful feeling, and benefits all involved.


  1. Ask Archangel Uriel to fill their solar plexus with golden light so that it radiates out like the sun. The solar plexus is our power centre, and children with radiant healthy ones are confident and in the flow with life. It doesn’t mean that they are extrovert, although they might be, all children can have a healthy solar plexus chakra. You can teach children and teens this if they are open to it. Ask them to imagine that they have a radiant golden sun in the lower centre of their chest, point to the area at the bottom of the rib cage. Ask them to imagine it shining out in all directions and helping them to feel strong and sunny.


  1. Send the violet flame to the child and their environment too. If they are in school, ask St Germain and Archangel Zadkiel to bring the mighty violet flame of transmutation to the child to clear and cleanse their energy. Ask the flame to envelop the whole school and all within it for the highest good of all. Releasing negative energy and allowing more light for all. You can send the violet flame into the future and into the past. It really will go wherever you want. It is a very powerful energy that you can invoke simply by asking in your mind or out loud. I have a visualisation that helps you to learn how to do this if you are not confident in using it. But please no that it is very simple. Use your intention and trust that it is done.


  1. Ask Archangel Metatron to help children who are sensitive or have special needs. Spiritual or lightworker children will benefit from working with this powerful Archangel. The Earth plane is dense for lightworkers and as children they can find things challenging. Authors such as Doreen Virtue talk about the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children as being highly evolved souls who are incarnating at this time and find our normal way of doing things here on earth hard to understand at times. Call on Archangel Metatron to help.


Oh and one last thing… look after you!! Help yourself to raise your vibration and you will benefit all those around you, children included.

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Do You Lower Your Vibration to Fit in?


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Do You Lower Your Vibration to Fit In?

Do You Lower Your Vibration to Fit In?

Lightworker blog series #2 by Susan Browne

Hello, Lightworker! ‘Who, me?’ YES! Do You Lower Your Vibration to Fit In?

Pardon the intro but I wrote this blog to appeal to lightworkers and if the title struck a chord with you then I suspect that you are one. Did you see the first blog about called ‘Lightworkers Q & A?’

Well in this one I want to talk about that behaviour of lowering your vibration in order to fit in. Many Lightworkers have at some point felt alone and different. They may not have met other Lightworkers or not spotted them, since the others may too be in the closet if that makes sense?

What is your vibrational frequency just now? Here is the Angel EFT Vibrational Scale which represents the human level of vibrational frequency. More about that here. 

Many lightworkers feel alone and different. They do things to lower their frequency in order to fit in with those around them. Behaviours that don’t really sit right with them become habits and they get used to being in a lower frequency. It is not uncommon for lightworkers to suffer from addictions (from overeating to over drinking to drug addictions) and mental health issues. Behaving incongruently to what they know is right for them hurts the lightworker as deep down they have a knowing this is not aligned with their mission.

This starts in childhood, especially when the lightworker opts to join a family who have lower frequency behaviours. Adolescence offers more opportunities with peer pressure in the mix. Adulthood, marriage, further education and employment are all new areas for the lightworker to compare themselves to their peers.

Imagine having all this light to give and not giving it because you feel embarrassed or don’t want to be rejected by family, friends, colleagues or your community.

Waking Up

In my early twenties, I spoke to those around me about my Reiki training and nobody really seemed to be open and accepting of it. At that time, I dimmed down my light. I stopped speaking about it. I was in a new country away from where I grew up and I felt I needed to fit in. Nobody seemed to be on this path. I wonder if I had kept it up who I might have met back then. It would have saved me a lot of pain if I had trusted in what I believed and kept up a daily Reiki practise.

It was some years later that I had a big spiritual awakening and then I met more and more lightworkers. They seemed to appear in unlikely places and I was drawn to different circles. I did my Reiki Masters and trained as an angel teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation. I met so many lightworkers and at last felt accepted. It didn’t matter that many people were different to me. I was back on track, on my mission. It wasn’t all plain sailing. Far from it, but I had a knowing that I was on the right path and a growing sense of community and connection.

Come Out of the Closet

If there are many lightworkers who are afraid to come out of the spiritual closet then there are things you can do to make it easier for them. Bringing up topics of interest, having angel cards, crystals and other ‘prompts’ can open the door. You don’t have to join in when people are being negative, fear-based or putting others down. Find a way to lovingly detach. Lead the way by seeing the best in every situation. Spread your light.

Network with Other Lightworkers

Lightworkers are attracted to spiritual courses and places, and you can meet them through social media as well as in person. Ask the angels to help guide you to other like-minded friends.

Are Lightworkers some kind of Superior Soul?

No. These blogs and my work are not intended to imply that Lightworkers are somehow better than other humans. All souls are connected and have their own important mission or dharma. Lightworkers simply decided that theirs was to bring more light into the world.


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Lightworkers Q & A

Lightworkers Q & A

Author: Susan Browne

Lightworkers, quite simply, are people who want to bring more light into the world. There is no specific occupation for a lightworker. Although many are healers or work in the helping professions. Lightworkers are also actors, comedians, politicians, domestic staff, authors, sportspeople, business people, stay-at-home mums and dads and so on.

Do all Lightworkers Know they are Lightworkers?

No. Some lightworkers are still asleep and have not awakened to their mission on Earth. This is because of the amnesia we all suffer as humans in our early life. We come onto the planet knowing all about our mission and purpose. And then we forget. Lightworkers are no different. Some may act very unlike Lightworkers too. Yet there is a tendency for light to attract light. Lightworkers may go through dark phases of their life but tend ultimately to gravitate towards other lightworkers and lessons that put them back on track.

Does being a Lightworker mean that you are a do-gooder all of the time?

No. Lightworkers in a human body still have ego’s and can be stuck in fear just like anyone else. This means that they can act in low vibrational ways just like any human. The difference is their soul purpose is to bring the light. And when they remember this they act on it.

How do they bring in the light?

There are thousands of ways of bringing in the light. One can pray, meditate, make other people laugh, show love and compassion to others, heal others, show kindness, donate time or money to worthy causes that bring light. Some lightworkers light up a room when they enter, like rays of sunshine. These are lightworkers that are operating at a high vibrational frequency. Most lightworkers, like all humans, vary in their vibrational frequency. They too have many soul lessons they came to Earth to learn and evolve from.

How do I know if I am a Lightworker?

The very fact that you are drawn to this blog means that you may be a lightworker. Often Lightworkers hear the term and it means something to them. Some may question, well how can I be a lightworker if I feel or act this way (in a lower frequency way). The truth is, human lightworkers are human. They make mistakes too. Some even deliberately lower their frequency because they feel lonely and isolated and want to fit in. More about that in my next blog in this series.

Common Lightworker Traits:

  • A feeling of joy in lighting up and helping others
  • A general wish for the best for others (but not exclusively, Lightworkers can get annoyed and resentful to others as well when their frequency is lowered)
  • An interest or hope for world peace and good care of the Earth
  • Sensitive nature and dislike of harsh energies and negativity
  • A sense of injustice when things are unfair for others
  • A love of animals and nature
  • Spiritual
  • Likes quiet time
  • Interested in angels/meditation/Ascended Masters and spirituality
  • Sensitive to the emotions of others
  • Psychic or intuitive in nature

Can Anyone Become a Lightworker?

Yes. Some Lightworkers have been so for eons but some are new. I had a past life regression when I recalled becoming a Lightworker. It was just after crossing over having been killed as a warrior in battle. I said out loud ‘I will now become a warrior of the Light.’ And so it was.


This blog is #1 in a series.

If you would like to join me for a very special workshop in January 2018, in Dublin called ‘Shine, Lightworker,’ please click here for more info.

The ABC of getting Support from your Angels

The ABC of Getting Support from your Angels

I have enjoyed support from the angelic realms now since 2007, and before that as a child when I was open to angels. They have this amazing way of being able to help us, it’s often hard to predict how but they can see things from a birds angels eye view whereas we can be caught up in the earthly drama of humans.

A is for Ask. Many people believe in angels and like angels but forget to do that one important thing when they need it – ask! Say in your head or out loud, ‘angels please help me with this,’ write a letter to them if you must. Some people like to light a candle and sit at an altar to ask, or others do it while they wait at the traffic lights in the car. It really doesn’t matter; the angels don’t mind.

Is it greedy to ask the angels all the time? Surely, they have more important business than me and my requests?!

If you could only realise just how many angels there are available to everyone and how they just love to help. Asking the angels also helps to raise your vibrational frequency – see the Vibration Scale for more info on this. Getting a parking space, your craving healthy foods, finding the perfect job, a more peaceful relationship and so on are ALL good enough reasons to enlist the help of the angels. This is because as you feel better, so you are able to bring more light into the world.

B is for Be Open. Sometimes when we are stressed we think very narrowly, in a black and white all-or-nothing kind of way. Be amenable to other options and outcomes. Sometimes we are being blocked for a very good reason. Asking the angels and then being open will help you to see what is being laid out for you.

Also, it can be hard when you are feeling stressed out to even think there might be any angels at all. This won’t stop them from being able to help you by the way, but wouldn’t it be nicer to recognise when the angels have stepped in so you can know that it really worked?

C is for Calm. A man I knew always asked me why when he asked repeatedly for an angel sign he never seemed to get one. It was as though the angels couldn’t possibly have time for him, or else he wasn’t ‘psychic enough’ or so on, to pick up on it. Ask and then allow yourself to feel calm about getting the help from the angels.

Check also how you are breathing. Breathing in shallow sips, high up in the chest is how we breathe when we are not calm, and in turn this makes us feel worse. Slow your breathing down, consider pranayama (yogic breathing) and try to keep how you are breathing in mind as often as possible. You will be more receptive this way – and feel better.

Join me with some Angel EFT in this video


About the author: Susan Browne, author of ‘Angel EFT’ Dragonrising (2016), helps people to feel great in their energy, overcome blocks and achieve goals. She teaches workshops worldwide and sees clients via Skype.

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