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Susan Browne – Angel EFT

Susan Browne is the author of ‘Angel EFT, tap into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT,’ – Dragon Rising Publishing, November 2016. She presents Angel EFT – which is where we ask the angels to join us in our EFT energy healing work. There are various ways we can do this. Using the same principles mostly of Modern Energy EFT, with the same tapping points, Angel EFT appeals to those who love energy healing and angels. Susan is a certified GOE EFT Trainer and she has online Angel EFT programmes to help with abundance and personal goals, all of which help to increase your connection to the angels which is a natural effect of this work.

EFT stands for emotional freedom techniques and is sometimes known as ‘tapping’ as typically you tap gently on energy meridian points. To see what EFT looks like please visit Susan’s YouTube channel as there are many videos there demonstrating different tapping rounds with the angels. The word angel has a high vibrational energy and when we speak about and read about angels and call them in to assist it raises our own frequency. Susan is an Angel Teacher with the Diana Cooper Foundation, an Accredited Counsellor (APCP) and qualified Mental Health Nurse. She found that when she used EFT her connection with the angels strengthened and she was more open to angels. The angels work with us with ease when we are working in a higher frequency. EFT naturally raises our frequency also, and so Angel EFT was the perfect solution. Susan’s passion is to help people to overcome blocks to their confidence, abundance and well-being to really enjoy and live the life they want.